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Virtual Queueing Customer Journey, Experience and Benefits


Considering how critical drop-in services are to so many different businesses, a virtual queue is a significant element that enables complete efficiency with unscheduled and pre-booked appointments.

Through Bepro, customers book appointments ahead of time or join the queue just in time. With this Virtual Queue and Booking system, business’s booking management just got 10x easier. Features like estimated wait time, online payments for no show protection and even Analytics and Reports are automated by Bepro.

Let's take a look at how this app contributes to the modern, effective, and practical experience that helps businesses and customers restore trust in drop-in services.

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Customers booking process made nice and easy

Do you want to attract repeat customers? Ones that are familiar with the simple process when booking an appointment or joining a queue with your business?

Then what are you keeping your customers waiting for?

Indulge your customers with an effortless journey when it comes to a last minute join the queue appointment or a pre-booked appointment. Here’s what that simple journey looks like with Bepro.

Point by Point Process of a Customer’s Journey

Below is a brief step-by-step process of a customer's journey using Bepro.

  • Clients access a link or scan a QR code, located on your website page/social media or even onsite that will guide them to your business's page via the Bepro website.
  • Clients then choose to join the queue or schedule an appointment.

By selecting 'Join Queue'

  • Customers will be given the choice to select which service they desire, they can also view the price, duration of service and even a [customized by the business] description of the service.
  • After choosing their service, customers then select a provider [staff set up by the business]
  • Then customers are given a LIVE estimated wait time.
  • Finally, clients are redirected to their queue position dashboard to await their turn!

By selecting 'Schedule appointment'

  • Customers select which service they want, they can also view the price, duration of service and a brief description of the service.
  • After selecting a service, customers then select a provider, for a guide to setting up staff check out [link the blog]
  • Then customers set up a suitable time for their appointment [within your business's work hours, of course].
  • Customers then enter their name, number and email [if payments are made mandatory then customers pay during this step too]
  • Finally customers receive a booking confirmation. In 5 simple steps customers have effortlessly booked their appointment.

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Bepro users tend to:  
  • Dramatically decrease the risk of customer walkaways
  • Attract better, high-quality customers
  • Increase business operations scalability
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