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How to Available Fix Slots Not Showing When Booking On Bepro



Setting up your business on Bepro is a simple process, though there may be some slips you miss.

Are your slots not showing when booking or joining the queue with Bepro? Here's some possible reasons as to why:

Reasons Why Your Slots Aren't Showing When Booking or Joining The Queue With Bepro

This could happen due to multiple reasons on your business's end. Let's talk about some possible reasons why this may be happening.

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No Staff Created

Has your staff been set up? If not, check out [this blog, link, Getting started with Bepro's Queue and Booking automation software,] for a simple tutorial on how to set up your staff. If your slots are still not appearing on your booking page then check if you have…

No Service Created

If you have no services created then this is the issue. For an easy tutorial on how to create your services check out [this blog, gettin started w Bepro]

Service May Not Be Linked To Staff

Next, make sure your staff members are linked to the service they provide. Check out [this blog, getting started] to learn more.

Staff Hours/Business Hours

If your slots are still not appearing then check if your staff hours/business hours are aligned. It's smart to double check your staff hours are correct just incase you've missed something! For a guide on how to set these hours up, use [this blog] as a guide.

Booking and Queue Preferences

Finally, your booking and queue preferences. In your preferences, ensure you adjust the earliest scheduling time and latest scheduling time to your preference. For a tutorial on how to adjust these preferences visit [this blog].

Still Not Appearing?

In the rare case your slots are still not appearing, please contact us via email or our live chat assistant and we'll come to your assistance immediately.

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