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Tips & Tricks To Make The Most Out Of The Bepro Platform



So you've now registered an account with Bepro to keep your customers in the queue, reduce operational drag and scale your business, smart! Now let's explore the available ways to further better you and your customer's experience with the Bepro Platform. Including enlightening you with extremely resourceful tips and tricks with the features provided to help you manage your business.

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Setting up a Live Queue Display Screen

A neat trick is displaying your stores Live Queue through a TV or Monitor in your business. Customers will be able to stay updated through their custom Customer Dashboard and the Live Feed displayed in your Health Clinic, Barbershop, Dental Clinc etc..

You can access your locations Live Queue Display Link through Public under your shortcuts in your Dashboard.

Display Tv

Cutomizing your Queue and Booking Preferences

So your company has rules on Rescheduling on How Early or Late Customers can Book an Appointment. Well, this feature enables you to communicate these preferences and more! Including what Days walk-ins are accepted as well your company has rules regarding the maximum number of people in the Queue at one time. Don't worry Bepro's got you covered.


Getting detailed about your Services

Make the most of the description box that allows you to describe the service offered to the customers booking.

Scraping the surface (or should we say service): "Dental Checkup & Clean"

Getting into detail: "A quick dental checkup & an additional clean to leave teeth clean and healthy"

Services Descriptions

Displaying your QR Code in your Storefront

It's important to make the most of the provided QR codes unique to your business as it helps simplify the booking and appointment process. By putting out your QR Code, potential customers who are just walking by can quickly Join the Queue or Book an Appointment just. like. that.

You can download your businesses QR Code through Public under your shortcuts in your Dashboard.

Public Qr Code

As well as making the most of the unique Access Links Bepro provides you with. These can be displayed on social media platform bios, or on your website to make the process of booking for clients 10x easier!

Public Qr Code

Implementing No-show Protection

Powered by Stripe clients can make payments online providing your company with no-show protection! These payments can be made mandatory in full or in a percentage you set. As well as an additional feature to notice that requires only New Customers to make online payments.

Payments Stripe

Customizing Notifications and Alerts

Taking extra precautions to ensure staff and customers are reminded of appointments is crucial. These measures can be taken with a useful Bepro feature that allows you to customise notifications. You are provided with the option of choosing how many days prior to an appointment staff will be emailed a reminder. Also customers! Clients can be emailed or sent an SMS however many days prior to an appointment you select.

Notification SMS & Email Alerts

If you haven't already registered and are interested in keeping customers in line, cutting down on administrative burdens, and growing your business. Then get your Queue and Booking Solution in less than 5 mins today.

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