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How to Accept Online Payments and Implement No-Show Protection



Powered by Stripe your clients can make online payments ultimately providing your company no-show protection! These payments can be made mandatory in whole or as a percentage. You can even toggle whether you require only New Customers to make online payments or all customers. According to Fundera 80% of customers prefer spending with a card over cash. Online payments have been made way too convenient and efficient to look past. Now let's take a look at a how we can accomplish this with Bepro

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Linking your account with Stripe

You'll find 'Payments' in the Dashboard under 'More'. Now, click 'Set up Payments' which will guide you to a page where you connect your Stripe account with Bepro. If you don't already have an account with Stripe, worry not, as the prompts will guide you through the onboarding process. A part of linking your information with Stripe there is an ID verification process to ensure security and validity. The onboarding process also includes entering your currency type, bank details and all the necessary business information.

Apple Pay Google Pay Visa Mastercard

Congrats! You've now officially enabled online payments to protect your business from no-show clients, wasted time and to make payments a heck smoother and easier for your customers.

All that's left is to customize your payment preferences, including the option to:

Make payments mandatory

To further clarify, making payments mandatory for booking is a safe approach to securing bookings. Turning this setting on will help keep your business no-show protected.

Apple has revolutionised payments by a quick side click then Face ID, making payments more seamless & effortless than ever before.

Mandatory Payment Option

New Client Settings

New clients can be exciting, as well as leave you a lil sceptical. The uncertainty of whether they'll make it to their appointment cannot be guaranteed as this will be your first interaction with them. Worry not, Bepro allows you to make online payments mandatory for New Clients Only. This means that repeat clients can book without a deposit fee!

New Clients Mandatory Percentage Stripe

No-Show Protection in Percentage

This gives you the freedom to set a percentage clients must pay in order to book. Think of it as a deposit that will help Protect your business from no-shows.

New Clients Mandatory Percentage Stripe

Great! Now you're all set up to receive online payments on Bepro through Stripe. Though If you haven't already registered and are interested in keeping customers in line, cutting down on administrative burdens, and growing your business. Then get your Queue and Booking Solution in less than 5 mins today.

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