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3 Ways Queue Management Improves Customer Experience


The last thing your customers want to see when they enter a store for a service is a long queue. Despite the fact that a line may indicate that a business's services are in high demand, lengthy, slowly moving lines are common in Brick-and-Mortar service businesses

Long wait times and poor customer service put your business in danger of losing a significant portion of your clients; furthermore, implementing a Virtual Queue Management system like Bepro, is a creative and effective solution to keep customers in line without the wait.

If you're not terrified of what customer walk-aways can do to your business and brand, then you SHOULD be, because they're NEVER returning and most likely doing the opposite of referring your business to their friends.

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What is a Virtual Queue Management Solution?

A Virtual Queue Management Solution places customers in a Virtual Queue or Waiting area so they don't need to wait in a real line to get services. This allows them to go about their day, keeping them in the loop on their EST wait time and queue position and notified via SMS.

Customizable Messaging Can Enhance the Queuing Experience.

There are occasions when a line just cannot be avoided, but there are ways to shorten the practical wait time and keep clients informed so they feel appreciated. Taking extra precautions to ensure customers are reminded of when it's almost their turn in the queue is crucial. Bepro allows you to customise notifications to staff and customers to keep them in the loop. It's important to keep customers in the loop too! On top of that, Bepro sends out an email or SMS (customised by you) to Clients, enhancing customers' experience by creating a sense of communication between you and your customers

Responding to Customer Demands

Your business can better allocate employees and resources by using predictive analytics provided by Bepro for queue management to identify busy and slow periods. It may be revealed by long-term monitoring of traffic patterns that your busiest times are on Fridays after 5 PM. With this expected pattern, you can prepare for the demand and deploy additional staff.

Ensure the Safety of Customers

Our current reality includes social distancing and mask-wearing requirements, and the majority of both clients and service providers take this seriously. Because their place in the queue is secured, there is no need for a physical waiting line.Keeping avoidable contact to a minimum with a Virtual Queue rather than having clients physically waiting around on-site will create a safer environment while still catering to every client, ensuring the safety of both clients and employees.

If you haven't already registered and are interested in keeping customers in line, cutting down on administrative burdens, and growing your business. Then, in less than 5 minutes, get your virtual waitlist and booking solution now.

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  • Dramatically decrease the risk of customer walkaways
  • Provide an exceptional waiting experience
  • Increase business operations scalability
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