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There's Something Worse Than Customer Walk-aways?



No. Confirmed solid no. There's nothing worse than customer walk-aways because let's be real, a large percentage of businesses' around the globe suffer from queue walkaways . A percentage of customers willing to sacrifice quality of service to save some of their sanity and time. Picture this, customers join your queue but with every passing minute they grow more and more impatient, then without a good bye they leave your queue for your competitors because they have a smaller wait. Okay, I know we've painted a really sad version of events but if your not terrified of what that can do to your business and brand, then you SHOULD be, because they're NEVER returning and most likely doing the opposite of referring your business to their friends.

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Waiting is so 1900s

We live in a world where you can buy practically anything online and it magically ends up at your door within the hour (Amazon). Where you can order pizza through your phone, tap.. tap and it's here (Uber). The 21st century human is essentially picking with their feet now, they can select from a wide range of food, clothes, phones, cars, houses, drinks, phone cases, you name it. Now I want you to imagine yourself, as a 21st century human, waiting in line for an 'unreasonable' amount of time and having all this negative emotion build up inside you… These emotions aren't just going to up and disappear, of course not, we have to tie it to a cause ( think cause and effect )... that cause being your business.

What is a Virtual Queue Management Solution?

A Virtual Queue Management Solution places customers in a Virtual Queue or Waiting area so they don't need to wait in a real line to get services. This allows them to go about their day, keeping them in the loop on their EST wait time and queue position and notified via SMS. When customers are waiting in a physical queue, they may become frustrated or impatient and decide to leave the store or business without making a purchase. This is known as "walkaway" or "abandonment" and it can be a significant problem for businesses.

A virtual queue system allows customers to join the queue remotely, either by using a mobile app or by accessing a website. This can be done from anywhere, so customers can continue with their day while they wait. They can also see their position in the queue and an estimated waiting time, which can help them plan their time more effectively and reduce their frustration.

Today's solution

It can be overwhelming being a business owner and having to face a problem like this, but that's what we entrepreneurs do… we fix problems that most people are willing to overlook and make outsized returns. Bepro allows you to keep your clients out of impatiently waiting around in a small waiting room with the daunting sound of a clock ticking. Rather giving them the freedom to go about their day ensuring their place in the queue is secured.

If you interested in keeping your customers in queue, reducing operational drag and scaling your business. Then get your Virtual Waitlist & Booking solution in less than 5 mins today.

Virtual Waiting Room

  • Dramatically decrease the risk of customer walkaways
  • Provide an exceptional waiting experience
  • Increase business operations scalability
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