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Here's Why You Should Switch To A Virtual Booking System For Your Business In 2023



In today's fast-paced world, people are always looking for ways to save time and make their lives more convenient. One way to do this is through virtual booking, which allows individuals to schedule appointments and make reservations online or through a mobile app. Let’s get right to it.

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Convenience for your clients

There are many benefits to virtual booking. For one, it allows people to schedule appointments at their convenience, rather than having to call during business hours or wait for an opening. This is especially helpful for those with busy schedules or for those who live far from the business.

Save your customers time, they’ll appreciate it

Another benefit is that virtual booking can save time. Rather than having to call and wait on hold, or physically go to the business to make an appointment, customers can simply go online and book their appointment in a matter of minutes. This can be especially helpful for last-minute appointments or for those who need to make multiple reservations at once.

Benefit your business a favor

In addition to being convenient for customers, a virtual booking system like Bepro is also beneficial for businesses. It allows them to manage their appointments and reservations more efficiently, and it can help reduce the workload of their staff. It can also help businesses attract new customers, as many people prefer the convenience of virtual booking over more traditional methods.

Scheduling Made 5x Easier

Do you want to attract repeat customers? Ones that are familiar with the simple process when booking an appointment or joining a queue with your business? Then what are you keeping your customers waiting for? Indulge your customers with an effortless journey when it comes to a last minute join the queue appointment or a pre-booked appointment. Here’s what that simple journey looks like with Bepro:

  • Clients access a link or scan a QR code, located on your website page/social media or even onsite that will guide them to your business's page via the Bepro website.
  • Clients then choose to join the queue or schedule an appointment.

By selecting 'Join Queue'

  • Customers will be given the choice to select which service they desire, they can also view the price, duration of service and even a [customized by the business] description of the service.
  • After choosing their service, customers then select a provider [staff set up by the business]
  • Then customers are given a LIVE estimated wait time.
  • Finally, clients are redirected to their queue position dashboard to await their turn!

By selecting 'Schedule appointment'

  • Customers select which service they want, they can also view the price, duration of service and a brief description of the service.
  • After selecting a service, customers then select a provider, for a guide to setting up staff check out [link the blog]
  • Then customers set up a suitable time for their appointment [within your business's work hours, of course].
  • Customers then enter their name, number and email [if payments are made mandatory then customers pay during this step too]
  • Finally customers receive a booking confirmation. In 5 simple steps customers have effortlessly booked their appointment.

Overall, virtual booking is a convenient and efficient way for people to schedule appointments and make reservations. It can save time, reduce stress, and improve the customer experience for both individuals and businesses.

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